Hi Again! It’s been a while since I’ve had an active blog. But since I launched Beryl Morgan Homeschool Humanities LLC (berylmorgan.com), I thought this was an excellent time to return to my little spot in cyberspace. I’ll be posting about, like the byline says, homeschooling and just about anything else that comes to mind like art, humanities, memory keeping, faith, some crafty stuff, family, and just all the stuff; that occurs to me and that you may find interesting.

Oh, I should probably explain my new blog title. It’s pretty simple – it usually takes me two cups of tea (sometimes 3?) to really get my thoughts going in the morning. So I”m typically writing “on my second cup of tea!” And if you are wondering, it’s Earl Grey, a bit of sugar, and definitely lemon. Always in a pretty cup too!

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