About Me

Hi there! I’m Beryl Morgan. I’m an independent teacher who loves everything in the Humanities. I love Literature, Art, Civics, and History. I am also proud to be a digital nerd. I am a seven-year homeschool veteran who graduated my son with honors without me having to cut into a worm or frog. (Thank you to the Science moms that taught my son those skills!) I’ve taught at a homeschool co-operative for seven years and have taught other types of classes over the past 15 years. I love sharing humanity-based subjects with young people. I am amazed by their insight, point of view, and discussion. I love when students keep me on my toes by asking new questions as they develop their ideas. I am delighted by the sparkle in students’ eyes when they “get” something.

Growing up, I had outstanding English, Theater, History, and Art teachers. They opened my mind to old and new ideas and helped me grow as I realized the beauty around me. They helped me develop critical thinking skills that could apply to all my school subjects. I hope I can do them justice as I teach my students.

I’ve always been an artsy-craftsy person. I’ve always loved art, literature, and theater. From a young age, I participated in community theater and dance and in High School dramas and musicals. I was a Theater Major in college. In my second year of college, a Theater Crafts professor told me that “actors also need to get their hands dirty and learn to swing hammers.” So, because I wanted a good grade, I reluctantly learned to swing hammers, hang lighting, and paint sets! My oh-so-delicate actress hands got dirty! Surprisingly, I found myself more interested in the design and art of theater than in performing. So I continued to do design and property work for college and professional theater, including two Summers as Prop Master for The Metropolitan Opera Summer productions in New Jersey. This eventually led me to careers in retail store display, interior design, and event planning.

Back in the dark ages, when Windows 95 and AOL were popular, my husband bought a desktop computer. If you are over 40, you know the kind I mean; huge, beige, weighed a ton. I clearly remember saying I didn’t understand why we needed a computer and that “I would never use it, but, you know, it might be handy for email.” Fast forward a few years, and I was building websites for a non-profit and had dreams of Adobe Photoshop.

I love teaching. Besides homeschool classes, I’ve taught crafting and memory-keeping courses for kids and adults in person and as an on-air product expert on HSN. I have found that my acting and performance skills are valuable when presenting any information.

I genuinely believe in homeschooling; it was the best choice for our family. I think that parents know their children best. My goal in forming Beryl Morgan Homeschool Humanities is to assist parents by teaching the topics and subjects I teach best.


  1. I am a tea drinker. Earl Gray, loose tea, half a teaspoon sugar, a squeeze of lemon, and I’m happy. Oh, and it should be in a teacup, not a mug.
  2. People who love me have told me I might be a little stubborn, but I prefer tenacious, which is a nice word for stubborn. My dad used to say hard-headed.
  3. I don’t understand higher Math. Or how televisions work. Or how cell phones work, for that matter. As long as I’m making a list, let’s add X-rays machines, DVDs, the combustion engine, and most space travel. But I’m thankful for the people that do!
  4. I would love to travel into space. However, NASA may not have me because of #3.
  5. I enjoy a good mystery. (again, see #3)
  6. My father was a private pilot, so I understand how planes fly! And I can read flight maps and weather charts. So take that, NASA!
  7. I am terrified of earthworms and will cross the street to avoid one. Eew, just eew.
  8. I was not the perfect homeschool mom, but I kept trying! He has graduated with honors, thank you very much!
  9. I am zeroing in on finding the perfect dark chocolate. I’ll let you know.
  10. I didn’t show up the first two times my husband asked me on a date. Dumb.
  11. I married my excellent (and patient, see# 10) husband 25 years ago!
  12. Jane Austen. Just saying.
  13. I love The Lord, and I love my Christian Faith.
  14. I was born in New Jersey and ended up in South Carolina by way of Florida.
  15. I love teaching young people!