Art is part of The True and The Beautiful. Art surrounds us in grand old museums, online advertising, and even in a teenager’s text. My hope in teaching art is that students develop their unique tastes in art and realize how historical events, faith, and politics have affected how people choose to express themselves. My classes include lecture sessions where students will listen and discuss and practical lessons where students can explore and experiment with various art materials. Students will paint, sketch, sculpt, and much more.

Art shown as examples will be appropriate to the age and grade level of the students.

1 Full-year Fine Art Elective credit
Class Availability-This class is available both in-person and virtually.
Class Fee-$25 per 90-minute class, 30 weeks One-time $10 copy fee
Typically I do a brief check-in either by Zoom or phone each week at no cost.
Curriculum source-Beryl Morgan, Homeschool Humanities, LLC.
Supplies needed– Three-ring type binder, notebook paper, five dividers.
Art Supplies fee-A one-time $40 class art supply fee. This fee may be adjusted if the student already has an array of art supplies.

In this class, we will discover the fantastic world of art. Through exploring various movements and periods of art, we will learn how historical events have affected how people have expressed themselves through various art forms. We will encounter a variety of artists throughout history, from Ancient to Post-Modern, from the caves in Lascaux to Dale Chihuly, and everything in between.

We will discuss art’s influence on our world and how we are all connected. We will tackle questions like “Why do people create art?”, “Can art be good or bad?” and “Who, if anyone, gets to decide that?” Students will become familiar with my motto regarding art-“You don’t have to like it, but you should consider it!”

Most importantly, students will be encouraged to develop their unique tastes in various artwork.

The class will consist of both lecture and practical class sessions. In our “practical” classes, we will learn basic techniques and remember to be inspired by, not duplicate, the work of the artists we study. We will create and develop skills in various mediums. We will sketch, paint, sculpt, and most likely get messy. Additionally, students will create a timeline defining periods of art.

I will give homework, usually in the form of short answers or practical art assignments. After each topic module, I will give a test. Students will finish the class with a student project.

We will visit several international museums virtually and make field trips to The Morris Museum of Art in Augusta, GA, and The Columbia Museum of Art in Columbia, SC.

1-What about grading?
I will provide parents with a final grade sheet reflecting the grade for each homework assignment, test, or project. If requested, I can give a grade percentage per semester or quarter. All grades are percentages that easily convert to a letter grade.