Frequently Asked Questions

All classes are available In Person and/or Virtually!

Are you a fun teacher?
Yes! Well, I try to be. I like to teach by presenting facts and then following with questions and lots of discussions, thus helping students develop their critical thinking skills to draw conclusions that lead to further questions.  

In many of my classes, students may use their own experiences, likes, dislikes, hobbies, or stories while learning a particular more technical skill. In an essay class, a student may learn to write a persuasive essay about the benefits of video games or why chocolate ice cream is the best. In computer class, they may create a Powerpoint presentation on their hobby or family history. In both instances, the student learns the technical skill but with a topic appealing to them.

Are your classes “for credit”?
Each class description includes the credits the class will satisfy. (High School and some Eighth grade)

Will I receive a syllabus for my student’s class?
Yes. Parents will receive a class syllabus and “scope and sequence” for their child’s class.

Do you provide grades?
Yes. Each class has a division of percentages for each type of work assigned; homework, tests, projects, or quizzes.
I will give final grades in percentage form, and parents may assign a letter grade to that percentage as they wish. Grades will be issued quarterly, and students will be given a final grade at the end of the school term.

We have an accountability association. Do you report to them?
No, I do not. However, I will be happy to provide whatever documentation your accountability association requires of you.

Do any of your classes have an Honors version?
Yes. Many literature, civics, and art classes for High School have an Honors version, and we can discuss this when a class is selected.

What about eighth grade?
That is a great question! Eighth graders sometimes are ready for High school level classes like literature and Art History; you know your student best, and I’m happy o include them. Most states will only allow eighth-graders to receive High School credit for English and Math classes taken before ninth grade. Please check with your Accountability association for more information. In the class descriptions, I have noted my High school classes that are also available for eighth grade.
That said, I think that there are some classes typically offered for High School that should take. How to Write a Terrific Essay, Study Skills, and Latin are good examples. I believe it is beneficial that the skills covered in these classes should be introduced and honed before beginning High School.

Where are your classes held?
Can you come to my home to teach my child?
Yes, I come to you! My classes are held in your home. The only space needed is a table and chairs for your student(s).
If you would rather meet at an outside location, like a library, that can be arranged as well.

May several students meet at one location for a class?
Yes, I have several groups of students that meet at one home for classes.

May classes be taken virtually?
Yes! I offer all of my classes virtually through Zoom.

Are all classes once weekly?
Yes, and No. Most classes meet once or twice weekly, but I typically do a weekly Zoom “check-in” at no fee to see if students need additional assistance. If parents would like to schedule classes more frequently, we can discuss this when a class is selected.

Are all of your classes offered at a set day and time each week?
If you are the first to register your student for a class, I will work with your schedule to set a day and time. If another family is interested in that same class, they will be invited to join that class on that day. However, if you are interested in a class that someone has scheduled, and your student can not attend on that day and time, I will make every effort to schedule a time for your own class. If you have any questions regarding scheduling, please contact me.

Do you have a set “school term”?
Yes and no. Classes meet for 30 weeks. My school terms typically run from August to June. I take most of December off as well as a short Spring Break. However, each homeschooling family works on their schedule, so I am more than willing to work with yours. We can discuss this when a class is selected...

Can my student begin a class after August?
Yes. I can work around your schedule. If a class is listed as a “High School full-year, one-credit course”, I will work with you to schedule more than one class per week to enable your child to complete the class. This would create a 2-semester class meeting twice weekly, rather than 4 semesters meeting once weekly. I did this with my own child and it worked very well.

What if my student misses a class?
It would be easiest to let me know if your student will have a planned absence. However, trust me, I understand that life happens! If your student needs to miss a class, I will work with you to reschedule that class as soon as possible. If your student is going to be absent for an extended time, we can consider virtual meetings.

Do you take field trips?
Yes, I love a good field trip! I try to take field trips with some classes, such as art museums for art classes and county and city buildings for government classes. Parents will be required to attend these trips if their student attends.
Field trips may incur additional fees to cover admission, tickets, etc…

What are your class fees?
Unless noted in the class description, all classes are $25 per 90-minute class. Most courses have an additional one-time $10 copy fee. I typically do a short check-in through Zoom each week with each class.

Is everything included in the class fee?
Yes, with just a few exceptions. The exceptions are:
Literature Classes-unless, otherwise noted in the class description, the students must purchase their copies of books we read in Literature classes. As noted in “Questions About Literature Classes,” students may use digital books or audiobooks as an alternative to hard copies.
Computer classes-students must purchase their own devices and software. (I can assist you in selecting these purchases if necessary)
Art and Art History classes-incur an additional supply fee depending on the supplies needed and art supplies that the student may already own.

How can I pay you?
Fees may be paid monthly by check or PayPal. You may also pay yearly if that is more convenient.

May I “sit-in” when my child has a class?
Of course! Parents are always welcome to sit in on classes.


What personal information will I need to provide for my child?
None. Your family’s privacy is important to me, and I strictly ask for a parent’s email address and phone for communication purposes. I will never ask for your child’s contact information or email or text your child. I do not friend students on Facebook or follow or ask them to follow me on Instagram or any social media platform. I do not post photos of my students on any social media platform or on my business website.

Is the curriculum you use yours? Is there a copyright? Can I share it with other families?
Yes, the the curriculums I use were created and written by me.
Yes, there is a copyright on most of my materials, so sharing is prohibited.
The exceptions are the books and poetry I use for literature classes, actual Federal documents used in government classes, artwork examples used in Art classes, and any materials that are obvious or public domain.

Did I miss something? Feel free to email me at or call me at 803-508-3600; I’d love to talk!