I see the importance of pursuing the good and the beauty of God’s creation and how studying it can help students develop their creativity and critical thinking skills necessary for all fields, the arts or not. The study of the humanities allows us to foster the imagination God gave us to problem solve, think out of the box, and find God’sOne of our goals as parents is to help our children become self-learners and love learning.

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The Humanities High School
1 Full-year Fine Art Elective credit
Class Availability-This class is available both in-person and virtually.
Class Fee-$25 per 90-minute class, 30 weeks
Additional one-time $10 copy fee
Curriculum source-Beryl Morgan, Homeschool Humanities, LLC
Supplies needed-Three-ring binder with notebook paper and five dividers

This survey-style class will cover how literature, art, performing arts, and music have been influenced by our history. We will discuss the theories of creativity and why people have an innate desire to create and be remembered. We will discuss and debate a lot!

Students will explore the creations and styles of great artists, musicians, composers, and performing artists and will be encouraged to form their own opinion of the creations and creators that we study.

I will give weekly homework, and a test for each unit studied. Students will finish the year with a creative project.

Students and parents will receive a Syllabus and class calendar before the first class meeting.
A Scope and Sequence overview is available upon request.