Ask your student, Loquerisne Latine? That means “Do you speak Latin?” in Latin.
I bet their answer is, “No.” (probably combined with that look that tells you they think you are a crazy person.
Now ask them, Visne Latine loqui? That means, “Do you want to speak Latin?”
Same resounding “No!”, with the same look.

I get it. Most students don’t think they want to learn to speak Latin daily. But the truth is, we already do! We just don’t always realize it. Our English language has so many Latin connections it will make your head turn. That is why it’s essential for students to have a basic understanding of Latin…to expand their vocabulary. As students encounter new words in Literature, Math, Science, Law, Government, or many foreign language classes, Latin can help immensely.

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Basic Latin-High School
Eighth-grade students may also take this class
Class Availability- In-Person or Virtual
Class Fee-$25 per 90-minute class, 30 weeks
One-time $10 copy fee
Typically I do a brief check-in either by Zoom or phone each week at no cost.
Curriculum source-Beryl Morgan, Homeschool Humanities, LLC
Supplies needed-Three-ring binder with notebook paper and 12 dividers.

In this class, students will learn a collection of over 100 Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes in a fun and engaging way. They will learn derivatives using these and develop a vocabulary notebook that they can use for future reference. The words students add to their vocabulary notebook are included on the SAT.

Students will not learn conversational Latin, although they will learn some fun Latin idioms that have become part of our everyday language.