One of our goals as parents is to help our children become self-learners and love learning. We all learn differently. There is no one-size-fits-all study method, and students often become blocked when sitting down to study. My goal in these classes is that no student should be confused about what to do when they need to review information or nervous when asked to recall information or take a test or quiz.

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Eighth-grade students may also take this class
Class Availability- In-Person or Virtual
Class Fee-$25 per 90-minute class, 30 weeks One-time $10 copy fee
Typically I do a brief check-in either by Zoom or phone each week at no cost.
Curriculum source-Beryl Morgan, Homeschool Humanities, LLC
Supplies needed-Three-ring binder with notebook paper and five dividers.

In this workshop-style class, students will explore various methods of studying and find ways that fit their unique learning styles. These new skills will enable them to organize and interpret information throughout their lifelong learning journey.

We will explore time management skills, planning, and study skills. We will discuss how to listen to a lecture and explore many notetaking and review methods that will fit effortlessly into your child’s natural learning style. Students will have the opportunity to experiment and hone their skills through their existing classes to determine what works and doesn’t work for them.

Please note that this class does not involve students taking any personality tests, learning assessments, or evaluations.

As parents are the student’s primary educators, parents are welcome to participate in this class with their students.